RAMBLINGS : Russell Birdman Festival 2010





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Once a year the townsfolk of Russell - a settlement of about 800 people in New Zealandís Far North - dispel the winter blues by making elaborate costumes and flying contraptions, then leaping from the end of their wharf into the chilly waters of the Bay of Islands.
The 2010 Birdman Festival saw 20 teams and individuals compete for the title of Supreme Birdman, eventually won by Russell man Jason Bye as a baby-rescuing Flash Gordon. Other entries ranged from World War I triplanes fashioned from cardboard and polystyrene to a helium balloon and a ride-on moa*.
Fine weather for the July 10 jump - unlike the previous year, when torrential rain and gale-force winds destroyed some of the flying machines even before they left the ramp - led to a record turnout of 3000-4000 spectators. Other events in the three-day festival include a "drag race", spaghetti-eating competitions and a barbecue cook-off.
*A moa is an extinct flightless bird which stood up to two metres tall

A record 3000-plus people crowded the Russell waterfront to
watch the highlight of three-day festival, the Birdman jump.


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